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About us

QuoteByZip is a leading auto insurance comparison site that helps consumers find the best personalized insurance policy that is right for them.

It all started 4 years ago when we discovered that there are around 3-7 minimum parameters that can effect your policy price dramatically. By building an algorithm that can compare and analyze real-time rates from more than 50 providers, we were able to save more than $500 in less than 4 minutes. A process that used to take hours can now be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Working with the nation's leading insurance compaines (such as Progressive, Geico, State Farm, AAA. 21st Centtury and more), all you need to do when searching for a policy is to simply provide your zip code and a minimum of 2 more details and we will immediately set up an auction to display the best and most cost-effective option from you. You can then conveniently get an updated quotes from the top providers matching you details and save hundreds of dollars.

Personalized Secured Rates

Our Secured Algorithms and human experts will help personalize your quote and save you money without lowering your coverage!

Compare Top Insurance Providers

We pull data from every provider we can to make sure you maximize your savings. Are you a good driver? Are you bundling several policies? Do you drive an Hybrid Vehicle? Are you married? All of these and more can help!

Licensed Agents Marketplace

Although we are sure our Algoritms are doing an amazing job , we know that sometimes a professional Licensed agent can do better. That's exactly why we created the Licensed agent Marketplace